Trump officials despair that they have to talk about 'demon seed' as COVID strategy goes off the rails
Donald Trump and Dr. Tony Fauci (screengrab)

President Donald Trump was praised last week for striking a "new tone" in his White House coronavirus briefings -- but that tone didn't last very long once the president started promoting videos of a doctor who regularly warns about the dangers of alien DNA and demon sex.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, a senior Trump administration official lamented that the president has once again gone off the rails by getting into self-destructive feuds with medical professionals while simultaneously promoting the work of obvious quacks.

"When he started doing them again [starting last week], my thought was, ‘Oh, great, this f*cking sh*t again,'" they said. "And now we’re all talking about demon ejaculation."

Even though aides believe that the president's COVID-19 briefings are damaging him politically, they tell The Daily Beast that they're resigned to the fact that they can't stop him.

"The plan is to largely ignore Trump’s shenanigans and just, in the words of one of the officials, 'continue doing our job to the best of our abilities, and the president is entitled to say whatever he wants whenever he wants,'" the publication writes. "A source with knowledge of the matter said there were 'no plans' at this time for Trump to scale back his revived briefing appearances, noting that 'he’s just started' this latest incarnation."