Trump received 'one of the biggest warning signs yet' about his faltering campaign: CNN analyst
Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office at The White House (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump hasn't led a Florida poll since the pandemic began, and that's a major warning sign for his re-election campaign.

A new CNN/SSRS poll finds Joe Biden leading Trump 51-46 in Florida, while Quinnipiac University poll shows him with an even more commanding 51-38 lead, and that's bad news in a state the president must win to stay in office, reported CNN's Harry Enten.

"The fact that the polls in Florida favor Biden should be one of the biggest warning signs yet for Trump's fledgling campaign," Enten wrote. "Yes, we still have 100 days to go, and history does suggest that the gap in Florida could close."

No Republican candidate has gone to the White House without winning Florida since Calvin Coolidge in 1924, and Trump's deficit in the right-leaning state suggests he's in bad shape nationally.

"The good news for Trump is that history does indicate how difficult it would be for Biden to win the state by a large margin," Enten wrote. "The last time a Democrat won the state by more than 6 points was 1948. No candidate from either party has won the state by more than 6 points since 1992."

Even if the margins narrow closer to Nov. 3, the coronavirus pandemic remains an anchor around the president's approval rating.

"Trump likely can't win if he doesn't turn around his low approval ratings on the coronavirus. His approval rating in Florida on the issue is just 42 percent among registered voters in the latest CNN poll," Enten wrote. "Were that to remain the case through Election Day, Biden's likely the next president."