Trump feels no regrets about Herman Cain’s death from COVID: NYT’s Haberman
Herman Cain, Donald Trump (Screenshot)

Last month, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain attended President Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa without wearing a face mask -- then 40 days later, he died from COVID-19.

Trump's campaign held the rally in Tulsa in an indoor venue where it did not require face masks or social distancing -- but New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman says the president and his advisers have no regrets about how they held the rally.

During an interview, CNN host Alisyn Camerota wondered if there was any remorse about holding the rally in the middle of the pandemic against the advice of medical professionals.

"Knowing that Herman Cain went to that Tulsa rally -- okay, the Tulsa rally that the medical experts in Tulsa did not want the president to hold because they knew it would be dangerous -- he went as a healthy, 74-year-old man," she said. "He was not sick, he was not positive for coronavirus that day. Then a month later, he is dead. Is there any feeling inside the White House of responsibility, of guilt, of connection to this?"

"This is not how the White House is is handling it," Haberman replied. "The White House continues to have a blinder view of all of this. They do not look at actions they have taken as having an impact on people getting sick, whether that's the Tulsa rally or a lack of sufficient testing across the country."

Watch the video below.