Tucker Carlson announces 'long-planned' vacation following his top writer's resignation for racism
Fox News host Tucker Carlson. (Screenshot)

Minutes after Fox News was called out on MSNBC, the embattled host of The Tucker Carlson Show announced that he would be going on a "long-planned" vacation.

The announcement came after Blake Neff, the show's top writer, was exposed for his history of racist, homophobic and misogynistic social media posts.

"We're out of time -- gonna spend the next four days trout-fishing. Long-planned," Carlson claimed. "This is one of those years where if you don’t get it in now, you’re probably not going to."

CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy thought it was quite the coincidence how Fox News hosts always go on vacation during major scandals.

"Really remarkable how all these Fox News hosts coincidentally always seem to have pre-planned vacations RIGHT when they ignite controversy!" Darcy tweeted.