'What the hell does that mean?' CNN's Berman buries Tucker Carlson's non-apology for employing racist lead writer

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday night acknowledged that his former lead writer, Blake Neff, had been let go after it was revealed that for years he had posted racist messages in a chat room under a pseudonym.

Oliver Darcy, the CNN reporter who broke the story about Neff, told hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday that it was notable that Carlson never said he was sorry for employing a straight-up racist to write for his show.

"The most notable thing missing within was a actual apology... that his show, monologues have been written in part by someone who has been expressing racist attitudes online," Darcy said. "He never explained to the audience, for instance, exactly what the posts were that got the kid in trouble. He didn't explain that they were racist."

Berman then shredded Carlson for completely omitting any mention of racism in his justification for Neff's dismissal.

"What he said last night was a sham," commented Berman. "That's not an apology at all -- at all! What the hell does that mean, 'You shouldn't attack people for qualities they can't control?' Tucker Carlson can't make himself say 'racist.' Say the word: Racist! What the guy did was racist!"

Watch the video below.