America only has two weeks to fix voting by mail before November election: report
Mail (AFP file photo)

On Wednesday, according to NBC News, election law expert and Stanford University professor Nate Persily warned that America needs to create a plan for streamlining and safeguarding the mail-in voting system within two weeks — or it could spell disaster for the November election.

"I think we have two weeks to make the critical decisions that are necessary to pull off this election," Persily told NBC.

The worry is that many states will see a repeat of the problems in New York's primary. New York has traditionally restricted access to mail-in voting, scaled it up rapidly in order to protect people from the coronavirus pandemic, and the result was chaos as confused postal and election officials scrambled to process everything. Six weeks later, many races still haven't been certified, and a federal judge ruled that ballots in one congressional race were improperly invalidated and more must be counted.

President Donald Trump has seized on the chaos in New York as proof of his baseless claims that mail-in voting will lead to widespread voter fraud, even suggesting that some of the New York primary contests should be "re-run." However, he is now arguing that mail-in ballots are perfectly fine in Florida, where he himself is a voter.