Anti-mask GOP lawmaker mocks Ohio governor for testing positive for coronavirus
State Rep. Nino Vitale (Facebook)

Notoriously anti-mask Ohio state Rep. Nino Vitale gloated after Gov. Mike DeWine tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Urbana Republican has questioned masks and opposed other public safety measures imposed by DeWine, also a Republican, and ridiculed the governor after he tested positive for the potentially deadly virus ahead of meeting President Donald Trump.

"While I certainly wish no ill will nor poor health on the governor, I think the question must be asked," Vitale posted on his Facebook page. "Has he not been wearing his mask, or do masks not stop the spread?"

Vitale vowed earlier in the pandemic not to wear a mask because God doesn't wear one, helped hound DeWine's health director Amy Acton out of office and called on Ohioans to stop getting tested.

Hundreds of Vitale's social media followers agreed with his attacks against DeWine, with many suggesting the positive test was a trick or "part of his master plan to continue to dictate draconian mandates."