DeJoy caught in lie about contact he’s had with Trump allies about vote-by-mail
Louis DeJoy (YouTube/screen grab)

There were at least two moments where Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was caught in lies about what he told the U.S. Senate when he testified last week.

Last week, he said that he didn't have any contact with Trump's people about the campaign and vote-by-mail efforts. This week, he decided he did. It's possible that at some point between the two hearings he did have contact, but there was no time for a follow-up.

"This is the first time DeJoy acknowledged that he had some communication with people in Trump's orbit about the continued attacks against voting-by-mail, many of which come from the President directly," CNN reported Monday. "DeJoy testified to the Senate last week that he had no direct contact with the Trump campaign during his tenure as postmaster general."

Last week, DeJoy was caught in the lie about overtime for Postal Workers being cut. There are thousands of postal workers who have contracted COVID-19 over the past eight months, putting a burden on those still working.

There is also a question about DeJoy giving bonuses to those he worked with whom he also asked to donate to President Donald Trump's campaign. It was a question that DeJoy denied fervently.

There were also questions about DeJoy's responses to Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC) about the USPS collection boxes being locked down.