Enhanced unemployment expired Friday — President Trump responded by spending Saturday golfing
President Donald Trump

America's economic crisis worsened on Friday as enhanced unemployment insurance expired, as did the nationwide moratorium on evictions.

The bleak outlook was reflected in new numbers showing the Gross Domestic Product falling by 32.9% in the second quarter -- the worst numbers ever recorded.

Meanwhile, over 155,000 Americans have died from coronavirus and parents are worried whether schools will be able to safely open for in-person classes -- or whether their local school district will join many big-city schools and only offer virtual learning.

And Hurricane Isaias is bearing down on Florida and the east coast.

Against that backdrop, President Donald Trump went golfing on Saturday.

NBC News shot video at "extreme distance" documenting Trump's bizarre practice of making his caddie ride on the back of his golf cart.

The group Meidas Touch released a video blasting Trump for golfing during the crises.

Here's what others were saying about Trump's prioritization of how he spends his time: