GOPers made a 'deal with a man they didn't understand' and now Trump is burning them to the ground: conservative
Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Mitch McConnell (attribution).

In a column for the conservative Bulwark, executive editor Jonathan Last said the Republican lawmakers are reaping what they have sown for underestimating Donald Trump's self-absorption and the Republican Party will be left in tatters after the president is long gone.

Taking a cue from several of the Never-Trumper Lincoln Project founders who have said that they want to "burn it all down" and start all over again, Last said the president is way ahead of them when it comes to destroying the GOP which is headed for a November wipeout.

As Last notes, Republicans are furious with the Never-Trumpers for damaging the president's and their election prospects, but that their anger is misdirected because Trump is the one dragging them all down.

According to the columnist, more than a few people warned them about Trump in 2016 but they plunged ahead anyway with a man who "has no interest in the Republican party as an institution and will burn it to the ground if he thinks it will profit him one iota" -- which is where they find themselves today.

Adding that he sees no way for the president to pull out a victory in November. Last suggested that the president is spending his last months in office preparing to blame others for his eventual loss and making sure he takes as many of his followers with him -- to the detriment of the Republican Party.

Writing, "You will note that 'Protecting Congressional Republicans' is not on that list," Last warned, "... we should expect Trump to be more erratic and outlandish, more openly racist, and to flirt even more openly with outright delegitimization of the election."

"All of this will be—just objectively speaking—good for Trump," he elaborated. "It will make him money, enhance his hold on the Republican party, and pave the way for him to be the decider on the party’s 2024 nominee. It is unlikely to be good for the Republican party."

"In all the hand-wringing about how the awful, no-good Never Trumper types want to 'burn it all down' you rarely see any Republicans complaining about how it’s Trump who’s doing the actual burning," he wrote before adding, "Which only proves my point. The party made a deal with a man they did not fully understand. And now they’re trying to pass the bill to someone else."

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