Here's how a James Woods fantasy caused a QAnon Republican to declare Democrats are ‘wiping out men’
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Facebook)

Democrats want to "wipe out" white men in America, a Republican nominee for Congress argued.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is likely to win a seat in Congress representing Georgia after winning the GOP primary in a district that is considered safe for Republicans. She is infamous for her belief in the debunked QAnon conspiracy theory and bigotry.

She has been praised by President Donald Trump as a "future Republican star" and "a real winner."

During an online chat posted to Twitter by ACLU researcher Brian Tashman, she came to wild conclusions following a line of reasoning from something actor James Woods posted on Twitter in 2018.

While the picture is no longer visible, here is how she describes it.

"And he put a picture up of three men, three men, 'we're making a woman's vote count more by staying home,'" she said.

Despite the fact Woods made up the scenario, the Republican candidate accepted it as fact.

"This was an advertisement for Democrats," she falsely claimed.

And then she made even more outrageous allegations, all because of something James Woods made up.

"They want to wipe out men. What's coming from the Democrat (sic) Party and the people on the left? They're wiping out men and they do not want you any more men, especially if you're white," she claimed, without any evidence.

"But any conservative man, they want to get rid of you," she argued, again without evidence.