‘I’m so spoiled’: The View’s Meghan McCain still hasn’t decided her presidential choice
Meghan McCain (ABC)

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain still hasn't decided who she'll vote for in the presidential election.

The show has gone on hiatus until the new season begins Sept. 8, but McCain discussed the election on Bravo's "Watch What Happens," reported The Daily Beast.

“Why does everyone ask me if I’m getting fired or quitting every 20 seconds?" McCain said, in response to a viewer question. "No other host has to go through this B.S. Yes, I’m coming back, it’s an election cycle.”

Host Andy Cohen asked if she was voting for Joe Biden, who's a family friend, instead of President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly insulted her father before and after his death.

“I’m not saying who I’m voting for,” McCain said. "But I’m not voting for Trump.”

McCain said she would wait to see who Biden picked as his running mate before committing her vote.

“I want to see how this plays out, I want to see the debates,” she said. “I’m, like, such a last-minute — I mean, I’m so spoiled because I’ve loved so many elections and this one is not my favorite for a lot of different reasons.”

“I think if he’s smart he’ll choose someone like Tammy Duckworth because she’s very hard to attack because she’s a veteran and she has such a long history,” McCain added. “But I know there’s a huge debate that people want a Black woman to be chosen.”

She doesn't want Biden to pick Barack Obama's former national security adviser, whose appearance on "The View" she skipped last week and who Republicans would love to run against.

“I know 100 percent who he shouldn’t pick,” McCain said. “I don’t think Susan Rice is a good choice at all because she’s never been elected to anything.”