Man angered by Walmart’s hip-hop music attacks Black shopper – leaving victim with a broken face and bleeding brain
Police officers at crime scene (Zoran Karapancev /

A North Las Vegas man became angry after hearing hip-hop music at Walmart and attacked a Black shopper.

Richmond Collins Jr. was found competent to stand trial for the Nov. 3 assault, which he told police was racially motivated, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The 31-year-old Collins told police he harbored “negative feelings toward African American people" and was angered by the store playing hip-hop music, and police said he started “looking for an African American person to attack” and chose the victim because he was smaller.

The victim told police he had walked into Walmart to return some items, and then he remembered waking up on the floor with people trying to help him.

The man was hospitalized for a broken orbital bone and a brain bleed that required surgery.

Collins fled the store after punching the Black man, but witnesses provided information that allowed police to track him to his mother's home.

The mother told police her son was a military veteran whose post-traumatic syndrome had been growing "increasingly worse," and she said Collins had previously made other unprovoked attacks on others.

Collins was arrested Nov. 14 and charged with battery resulting in substantial bodily harm with a hate crime enhancement.

He was released to house arrest a short time later but violated the terms of his release in April when he left Clark County, and he was arrested again within a week.

A court found him competent to stand trial July 30 and he was taken back into custody and remains jailed as a potential threat to the community and flight risk.