Mary Trump blasts 'hateful' Don Jr and 'vicious' Ivanka
Donald Trump Jr. speaking at the 2020 Republican National Convention. (Screenshot)

In an interview with Politico published on Saturday, President Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump offered her scathing take on the Republican National Convention.

"The most jarring thing initially was the recognition that the entire convention was a law-breaking enterprise. And people may say, ‘Oh, Hatch Act, not a big deal,’ but it is a big deal. He co-opted or the Republican National Committee co-opted the people’s house for their own political benefit," said Mary. "Other than that, though, just as a through-line, the extent to which every, almost every single participant in this convention was willing to lie, and knew they were lying, and didn’t care that pretty much everything they said was a lie, was breathtaking."

She had particular contempt for the president's children.

Regarding Donald Trump, Jr., said Mary, "he rants, he’s hateful, and he hates all the right people, and, you know, he’ll literally say anything, at a high volume, to ramp them up." And on first daughter Ivanka, "her pitch may be more effective because it’s quieter, it’s more moderated, while also being equally vicious and mendacious. I found her entire speech deeply disturbing, but there’s that aspect of it."

Don Jr.'s speech was widely panned on social media, and his demeanor fueled speculation about whether he was on drugs. Ivanka's speech, meanwhile, sought to humanize her father with questionable anecdotes.

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