Melania's attempt to soften 'abusive' Trump's image will flop: Ex-White House official

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci on Wednesday predicted that first lady Melania Trump's efforts to soften her husband's image at the Republican National Convention would flop the minute the president starts tweeting again.

In analyzing the first lady's speech, Scaramucci said she deserved praise for showing empathy toward the families of Americans who have died from the novel coronavirus and towards protesters who are demonstrating against police brutality.

However, he said this only served to show Trump's lack of empathy.

"She has at least reached out to those families -- the president is not capable of doing that," he said. "So it spoke very well of the first lady, but will do nothing to soften his image, because he'll just return to his normal personality track, which is this abusive, intimidating figure that can't manage things."

Scaramucci also said that while the president may get a temporary bounce from the convention, it will do nothing to change the reality on the ground.

"He's obliterated the economy," Scaramucci said. "You've got 180,000 people dead... it will likely be 250,000 by election day."

Watch the video below.