Michelle Obama's speech 'stung' Trump -- that's why he lashed out with 'nonsensical' tweets: CNN panel
Michelle Obama (ABC News)

Former first lady Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night earned rave reviews from many pundits -- but also the ire of President Donald Trump, who attacked Obama in an early-morning tweet.

CNN's John Berman on Tuesday said that there was a simple explanation for why Trump attacked Michelle Obama: Because her speech was highly effective.

"The president has responded to Michelle Obama, which tells you it stung," he said.

Reporter John Harwood then chimed in to say that Trump was clearly rattled by the former first lady because his counter-attacks were rambling and scattershot.

"She was so effective and personal in detailing the personal qualities that are absent in Donald Trump that have manifested themselves in the coronavirus crisis," he explained. "And as a matter of fact, in the response that the president has done on Twitter this morning, most of which is a series of tweets that are nonsensical, he underscored that critique."

Harwood noted how Trump seemed focused on touting the stock market, whereas Obama talked about the human toll the pandemic has had on ordinary Americans.

"So Donald Trump, he did respond, but he didn't particularly help himself with that set of responses this morning," Harwood commented.

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