'Now that's law and order': Trump ridiculed after campaign gets blocked for fake news about COVID-19
Donald Trump pointing his finger like a gun (CNN/Screencapture)

President Donald Trump was ridiculed for being slapped with Twitter restrictions on Wednesday.

The president's campaign tweeted out his video appearing on "Fox & Friends" in which he claims that children can't get the coronavirus, or if they do, it isn't that bad. Not only is the comment a lie, but it's also a dangerous one that is so bad that Facebook removed Trump's video and Twitter demanded the campaign delete the video or it would remain in "Twitter jail," suspended from tweeting.

Trump reposted the video to his personal account, and the video appears to still be online. Social media sites have come under fire from users as Trump is allowed to lie about key facts of the virus, endangering lives.

It was a point of news that many flocked to Twitter to mock the president and his campaign, which was, until recently, being run by his social media staffer.

See the tweets below: