Purported 'conservative news platform' is actually run by Trump's super PAC: report
Donald Trump _Fox News screenshot

A purportedly independent right-wing news website is actually being run by President Donald Trump's super PAC.

According to The Daily Beast's Lachlan Markay, the recently launched American Herald website is actually the creation of America First Action, the political action committee that has spent tens of millions of dollars on the president's re-election campaign so far.

The website describes itself as "a conservative news platform designed to bring you all the news the liberal media doesn’t want you to know," and also implores readers to "stop being told what to think."

That said, its overall goal seems to be telling readers what the president wants them to think.

"Even in that politically saturated news environment, the American Herald stands out due to its direct linkage to a major arm of the president’s political machine," writes Markay. "While America First is technically independent of the Trump campaign, the campaign has officially endorsed the group, the president has attended America First fundraising events, and the Trump campaign has rented its behemoth email list to the super PAC."