Republicans who latched onto Trump are preparing to jump because his campaign is 'dying': Ex-RNC head

Discussing Donald Trump's declining poll numbers and his suggestion that the election should be postponed, former Republican National Committee head Michael Steele said it is finally dawning on Republicans who have been backing Trump that he has no chance of winning and it is time to flee the president.

Asked by MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart why some Republicans are still sticking by the president, Steele was first stumped for an answer before making a joke that had the rest of the panel laughing.

"Michael Steele, as a former chairman of the Republican Party, where is your party?" host Capehart asked. 'Where are they? Where the defenders of the Constitution when the Constitution is in danger?"

"You know, it's where they've always been. you know, underneath Donald Trump's left cheek. I don't know. -- and that's butt cheek," Steele said as his fellow panelists laughed." Folks made a bargain with the devil and, I think to Tom Nichols' point [about Republicans acting like remora's attached to a shark], they're like 'that thing is going to stick and stay, we're just going to ride it.'"

"But what then happens at some point the fish realizes this shark ain't moving right it's dead or dying and I need to get off," he continued. "Self-preservation, at some point, kicks in that's why where they are. The American people have been watching for three years and self-preservation won't be enough to preserve yourself at this point."

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