Rick Wilson trashes his former boss Rudy Giuliani’s RNC speech: ‘Everything but the N-word’
Rick Wilson and Rudy Giuliani

Former Republican strategist Rick Wilson was appalled by his former boss Rudy Giuliani's speech at the Republican National Convention.

The former New York City mayor, who now works as President Donald Trump's personal attorney, railed against an "unprecedented wave of lawlessness" that he blamed on Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa activists, and Wilson said on his Daily Beast podcast that he was mortified.

“There's never been a more perfect exemplar of ‘everything Trump touches dies,’ because that speech tonight -- it was, at one point, everything but the N-word," Wilson said of his former employer. "They're coming for you, they're coming for you to your suburbs, these Black Lives Matter [protesters].”

Wilson's podcast co-panelist Molly Jong-Fast panned Trump's nomination speech as low energy.

“He finds reading very boring," she said. "So, I mean, every speech where he's not saying crazy shit is him being totally bored by whatever they're making him read.”