'She carved this guy up!': CNN's Begala breaks down Michelle Obama's 'masterful' attack on Trump
Michelle Obama makes a goodbye appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Screen cap).

Democratic strategist Paul Begala on Tuesday heaped praise on former first lady Michelle Obama's attacks on President Donald Trump during her Monday night speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention.

In particular, Begala said Obama did an incredible job even though she didn't have any live audience cheering her on.

"It was absolutely masterful," he said. "Michelle Obama did that entire speech alone in a room it a camera. It was the most brilliant, I think, political performance to camera that we've seen since Ronald Reagan, and she's not even a politician."

When it came to the content of the speech, Begala said that the former first lady perfectly dissected Trump's failings without stooping to the president's level of personal vitriol.

"She just carved this guy up without bringing herself down, without debasing herself or the audience," she said. "You know, she famously said, right, when they go low, we go high, and still, she still maintained that sense of elegance and decency while carving up the other guy."

Watch the video below.