'Steve Bannon is in a world of hurt' for more than just scamming Trump supporters: MSNBC analyst
Steve Bannon -- (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on "Morning Joe," MSNBC investigative analyst Tom Winter claimed a deep look into the indictment of former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon's involvement in a fundraising scam to raise funds for the president's wall leads him to believe Bannon is in 'for a world of hurt."

Speaking with co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Winter explained that Bannon is not only being scrutinized over the wall donation rip-off but also named in a Senate intel report looking into Russian involvement in the 2016 election and now there are questions about his involvement with a Chinese billionaire.

Asked about the week of bad news for Bannon that included his arrest, Winter explained, "I think this is part of a world of hurt for Steve Bannon, it was barely 24 hours ago, literally when this time yesterday morning that the U.S. Coast Guard vessel and a helicopter were over the 152-foot yacht owned by the Chinese billionaire, as you were discussing, and he was taken into custody ten minutes from now yesterday."

"I think, when you look at Steve Bannon's legal world at this point, you're looking at a legal world that there's serious questions about that Chinese billionaire and what he's been up to. There have been complaints made to local police departments of people claiming they've been swindled out of half a million dollars from that individual and Steve Bannon has been, as you've just been discussing, has been paling around with him for the last several months and somebody that Steve Bannon has been with."

"There are the criminal referrals you mentioned in the Senate Intelligence Committee report this week, looking at Russia asking whether or not Steve Bannon told the truth to Congress when he testified," he added. "So there are questions swirling around on that Chinese billionaire, those complaints to local police departments were referred to the FBI and based on public documents we were able to obtain yesterday that's an investigation going on since June. I think for Steve Bannon it's a real problem."

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