'The Coup is evolving': Trump fans melt down on 'Deep State' Marco Rubio for lack of 'concern' about mail-in voting
Marco Rubio speaks to CBN (screen grab)

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) was on the receiving end of attacks from supporters of Donald Trump after telling a reporter "I’m not concerned about mail-in voting in Florida," during a Trump 2020 campaign call -- contradicting a multitude of comments the president has made in the past few weeks.

As CBS News’ Nicole Sganga tweeted, "Asked on a Trump campaign call if he is concerned about mail-in voting in Florida, Senator Marco Rubio responds curtly, 'No, I’m not concerned about mail in voting in Florida.'"

That, in turn, set off, supporters of Donald Trump led by Fox News personality Mark Levin who responded, "Geez, the Republicans are so self-destructive. Obviously, mail-in voting is problematic on many empirical levels.  But Marco’s not concerned so move along ..."

Fans of the president then chimed in -- and you can see some of their comments below: