Trump aides admit his COVID-19 executive orders will do little to help the economy: report
Photo: AFP

According to a report at the New York Times, aides to Donald Trump are privately conceding that the executive orders he signed with great fanfare at his Bedminster country club will have little impact on the economy even if they are enacted which seems tenuous at best.

Writing, "The executive actions President Trump took on Saturday were pitched as a unilateral jolt for an ailing economy. But there is only one group of workers that seems guaranteed to benefit from them, at least right away: lawyers",  the Times' Jim Tankersley said the proposals to boost unemployment payments, halt evictions, give renters a break and ease up on payments for some student loan borrowers will not bring enough money into the economy to have much of an effect.

"Conservative groups have warned that suspending payroll tax collections is unlikely to translate into more money for workers. An executive action seeking to essentially create a new unemployment benefit out of thin air will almost certainly be challenged in court," Tankersly revealed, "And as Mr. Trump’s own aides concede, the orders will not provide any aid to small businesses, state and local governments or low- and middle-income workers."

The report goes on to note that cash-strapped states are already under water dealing with COVID-19-related expenses and Trump's proposals will do nothing to help them and will likely hurt them as more lay-offs will ensue.

"Without more money from the federal government, states and local governments will almost certainly have to cut their budgets and lay off workers, increasing the ranks of the unemployed," the report states.

Trump's executive orders likely will not survive scrutiny, with one GOP lawmaker, Sen. Ben Sasse (NE) calling them "unconstitutional slop."

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