Trump-endorsed GOP candidate questioned whether 2017 Las Vegas massacre was a false flag operation

Trump-endorsed Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene two years ago wrote an article that questioned whether the 2017 massacre at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas was a false flag operation set up to justify seizing Americans' guns.

NBC News has found an archive of articles that Greene once wrote for a right-wing website called American Truth Seekers, including one where she said she may have "uncovered" Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's true motive.

In the post, Greene shared an email from a man who claimed to be "at a London think tank" who cast doubt on the official narrative behind the massacre that killed 58 people and wounded 413 more.

In particular, the purported think tanker claimed that Paddock may have been a gun control activist who committed mass murder to show America the danger of guns.

"This man wished to telegraph to America in graphic form the hard irrefutable evidence that guns and gun ownership and the ease of gun purchase in America are an evil and must be controlled," the email reads. "While killing a very large number of innocent people is an horrendous crime it is nonetheless entirely justifiable – in moral terms -- if it causes a restriction on guns."

Greene did not explicitly endorse this theory but she seemed to lend it credence and suggested that the FBI was not telling us the truth about what happened.

"Will the American people ever be told anything substantial by the FBI and the investigators that we trust to tell us the truth??" she asked.

Read the whole archived story here.