Trump-loving media's attacks on Joe Biden have all been epic flops so far: data
Sean Hannity (CBS News/screen grab)

Pro-Trump media websites have been trying to pull the same trick on Joe Biden that they pulled on Hillary Clinton in 2016 -- but so far, none of their attacks on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee have gained traction.

Axios reports that data from right-wing news websites shows that reader engagement on three key anti-Biden stories -- his alleged mental decline, his son Hunter Biden's former job with Ukrainian energy company Burisma, and sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade -- have all fizzled.

"Unlike other storylines that right-wing publishers have feasted on in the past -- where new morsels of information reinvigorated news cycles -- there have been no new revelations in the Burisma story, and Tara Reade stopped giving press interviews," Axios reports. "By contrast, the drip-drip of information about Hillary Clinton's email server and the DNC leak fueled news cycles for months during the 2016 campaign."

This lack of interest in Biden stories comes as Trump has struggled to settle on narrative about his presumptive opponent, whom he's accused both of being a racist who wants to put Black Americans in jail and of being a wild-eyed radical who will let Black Lives Matter demonstrators lawlessly overrun American cities.