Trump 'stopped the bleeding' in approval since protest coverage has fallen away: Report
Protestors gather for a march organized by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Atlanta, Georgia, to protest the fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer Wes BRUER AFP

President Donald Trump remains stuck behind Joe Biden in the polls, but it appears he won't sink any lower at this point.

Biden leads almost every poll in the core six battleground states -- Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- but the president's standing has stabilized, reported CNN.

"When you look at the average [Iowa] poll that called cellphones, you see no sign that Trump is doing worse than in the early summer," wrote CNN's Harry Enten. "In the average state poll in June, Biden outperformed Hillary Clinton's margin by 8 points. The margin was 8 points since July as well. This would translate to a 10-point Biden lead nationally."

"This is better than Biden was doing earlier in the year, when a similar exercise suggested he was up around 7 or 8 points nationally," Enten added. "Still, any momentum Biden seemed to have in June has stopped."

Biden widened the gap from May to June, after nationwide protests broke out over the police killing of George Floyd, but Trump has picked up a couple of points since then in aggregate polling -- cutting his deficit from about 10 points to around 7 or 9 points.

The president's approval rating plunged from April to June, but it never fell below 40 percent in the average poll and now sits at about 41 percent or 42 percent.

"Overall, pretty much every method agrees that Trump has, if nothing else, stopped the bleeding," Enten wrote.

Biden remains more trustworthy to voters on handling the coronavirus, and Trump is trusted even less on race relations, but coverage of the protests has receded from view since June.

"Biden has held a relatively steady lead, which makes him a clear favorite," Enten wrote. "But in a year in which we are facing unprecedented circumstances, Trump is staying in the hunt."