Trump’s attempt to paint Kamala Harris as a ‘nasty’ leftist is likely to flop – and could easily backfire: analysis
Donald Trump and Kamala Harris (Photos by Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock and screen capture)

President Donald Trump may find it difficult to land his attacks on Joe Biden's newly announced running mate.

The president instantly attacked Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as “nasty,” “horrible” and “disrespectful,” after Biden announced her as his running mate, while a campaign ad warned she would pull the former vice president to the left -- but there's little evidence those tactics will work, reported Reuters.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted earlier just before the announcement showed Harris is actually more popular with Republicans than Biden, with 21 percent of GOP voters having a favorable view of her, compared to 13 percent for her running mate

Trump may also find attacking the first Black woman on either major party's ticket could come across as sexist or racist, which won't help him with suburban women, and Republicans are urging caution against going after her aggressively.

"There’s no evidence yet that they do dislike or distrust her,” said GOP pollster Sarah Longwell. “In fact, my guess is that she’ll play pretty well with suburban women.”

Biden has a 10-point advantage over Trump among women, according to the new Reuters/Ipsos poll, and a 6-point advantage over women who live in the suburbs, while the Democrat leads by 11 points overall.