Trump's convention failed to hand him the big poll bounce he needs: CNN analyst

Donald Trump failed to get the big bounce he needed in the polls after the Republican National Convention, writes CNN election analyst Harry Enten, which is putting pressure on the sitting president's campaign to find a new path to victory.

The four evening's worth of proceedings televised on national TV that started with a widely mocked appearance by Trump advocate Kimberly Guilfoyle -- who is dating the president's son --  and ended with the president giving a rambling acceptance speech on the lawn at the White House. failed to move the needle in any appreciable way Enten suggested.

Noting that the president did receive a "small bump," the analyst predicted things don't look good for the incumbent Republican.

"If later polling data confirms this early evidence, a Trump victory hinges on him becoming the first incumbent in over 70 years to come from behind after trailing following the major party conventions," he wrote before adding, "Trump's favorable rating stood at 32% in an Ipsos' poll last week. Today, after the Republican National Convention, it stands at 31%."

Enten did add that the lack of bounce could be attributed to disappointing viewership of the virtual convention, before adding that, regardless, the president's campaign needs a game-changer if they have any hope of getting Trump re-elected.

"The bottom line is this for Trump: something major needed to change in the post-convention polling. It doesn't look like it did in the first round of evidence. That means unless something shifts, Trump will have to do something quite unusual to earn another term in the White House," he concluded.