Trump's RNC is in 'disarray' -- just like his response to the COVID-19 crisis: columnist
Donald Trump yelling during the 2016 Republican National Convention/Screenshot

President Trump had wanted to have a massive campaign rally for his acceptance speech at this year's Republican National Convention -- but Vox's Aaron Rupar argues that his own failed response to the novel coronavirus pandemic has made that impossible to accomplish.

In his latest piece, Rupar outlines how this year's RNC is in "disarray" after Trump first tried unsuccessfully to strong-arm North Carolina's Democratic governor into letting him hold a packed arena rally without even mandating that attendees socially distance or wear face masks.

When Gov. Roy Cooper called Trump's bluff, he found a more friendly environment in Florida, where Trump-loving Gov. Ron DeSantis welcomed the RNC to Jacksonville with open arms.

However, when the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in Florida throughout the summer, Trump called off plans to hold a rally in Jacksonville, and has now been forced to deliver a speech while at the White House.

"If Trump wanted to have an in-person convention this month, he needed to do the work back in February, March, and April," he writes. "Instead, he spent that time insisting the virus would go away on its own and passing the buck to governors who lack the resources and jurisdictional authority to handle a pandemic that has shuttered economies and spread like wildfire across state boundaries."

The bottom line, argues Rupar, is that "the RNC will serve as a symbol of everything he’s done wrong."