What if Donald Trump Jr's parents had just hugged him more?
Donald Trump Jr. (Fox News)

Donald Trump Jr.'s eyes attracted far more notice than his speech at the Republican National Convention.

That's never a good thing, according to Daily Beast columnist Molly Jong-Fast.

"The president’s large adult son came to the speaker’s podium on Night 1 of the Republican National Convention with red, shrunken eyes that did not escape the internet’s notice," Jong-Fast wrote. "People wondered and wondered what was up with Junior’s eyes. After the speech, #Cocaine started trending on Twitter."

The past week has revealed the president's eldest son may be perilously close to indictment if his father loses the election, but Jong-Fast believes his desperation for four more years may run deeper than those fears.

"Every speech that Junior gives feels like a meditation on plight of the child of a narcissist, of the state of begging for love from your powerful same-sex parent," Jong-Fast wrote. "I know Junior is a misogynistic monster like his father but even dumber. And yet watching him I always sort of feel like 80 percent of who he is could be cured if his parents had just hugged him more. There is something oddly Greek tragedy about a boy begging his father for the love that he is completely incapable of giving. Junior may be a disgusting racist, but he’s a disgusting racist trying desperately to get a narcissist to love him."