Anti-Trump Republicans claim to have backing of a 'top' official still working for the president
Donald Trump and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead.

A group of Republicans opposed to President Donald Trump's re-election say that they have the backing of a "top" government official who is still working right now for the president.

As Newsweek reports, the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (REPAIR) this week released a list of more than two dozen people who have worked in past Republican administrations, including some former Trump officials.

The most intriguing name, however, is someone who is referred to as "senior administration official number one" and who is described as a "current top U.S. government official."

Former Trump White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who is also a member of REPAIR, told CNN last week that he had "first-hand" knowledge about plans for at least one current Trump official to resign in October and denounce the president.

“I’ll make a prediction on the show, there will be people inside the administration that will denounce what is going on and resign prior to election day,” he said.