Biden 'needs to put Trump on trial for 205,000 Americans dead' during Tuesday's debate: CNN's Begala
President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

CNN's Paul Begala on Tuesday said that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden needs to keep the focus during the upcoming debate on President Donald Trump's handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Begala said that Biden needs to zero in on Trump's multiple misstatements about the seriousness of a disease that so far has killed 205,000 Americans with no end in sight.

"Remind voters that as people were dying, Trump was lying," he said. "He was telling his fellow Ivy League elite, Bob Woodward, 'Oh, be careful, this stuff is really deadly.' He was telling his supporters and the rest of us, 'It's a hoax, it's not deadly.' Joe needs to put Mr. Trump on trial for that 205,072 Americans dead."

Begala then tied Trump's failures during the pandemic to his latest efforts to rip apart the Affordable Care Act.

"It also comes at a time when Trump is in court, forcing through this new appointee to the Supreme Court in order to take away your rights to health care and take away your rights to pre-existing conditions [protections]," he said. "He is suing to take away our rights to pre-existing conditions in the middle of a pandemic, take our health care in the middle of a pandemic. Biden needs to drive that home."

Watch the video below.