Black pastor who confronted Trump at town hall shreds president's 'laughable' answers on racism in America

A Black pastor from Philadelphia who confronted President Donald Trump during an ABC News town hall on Tuesday told CNN's John Berman that he was not impressed by the president's answers to his questions about racism in the United States.

During the town hall, Pastor Carl Day asked the president to talk about the last time he felt America was "great," as many Black Americans feel that the president has nostalgia for a time when Jim Crow laws were still in effect.

Trump replied that America was great six months ago before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

"Six months [ago], he told us, it was great or greater than it's ever been," Day said. "So before the pandemic, that's when it was finally great."

Berman then asked Day what he made of the president's claim that America was great for Black Americans six months ago.

"Man, I think that's laughable," he said. "Very, very comical. What I do think, and what I do believe President Trump himself and many others are doing, are showing their hand. They haven't done the journeys in the cities, when I asked about the ghetto, the hood, they haven't spoken with folks."

Day then revealed that, while he won't be voting for Trump in the fall, he still hasn't made up his mind about whether to support Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Watch the video below.