CNN host uses Fox News doctor’s own words against him after he accuses Biden of taking amphetamine
Composite image of former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump (screengrabs)

President Donald Trump and his allies seem to realize that they've dug themselves a hole in attacking former Vice President Joe Biden as mentally unfit. With expectations so low, a Biden win in the first debates are almost assured, even with a Fox News host.

In a discussion Tuesday, Trump began to pivot away from his non-stop advertising attacking Biden's cognitive abilities and instead claim Biden is a "professional" who knows what he's doing.

"Maybe that would work if the president himself had not been saying this about Biden on repeat for the entirety of the campaign," said CNN host Brianna Keilar.

She showed a series of videos with Trump blasting Biden as "not all there" and "he doesn't know he's alive."

"It's totally baseless," said Keilar. "And now one week to the first debate president Trump, who is the most prominent purveyor of conspiracy theories in America is floating this one about Joe Biden."

She played the video from Trump speaking to an Ohio audience saying that Biden will get a "shot" or some kind of amphetamine that will make him smarter. It's why Trump is calling for a drug test, claiming that he too would take one.

A drug test could also tell a lot about Trump's health and the drugs he's taking if he concedes to actually giving one.

"Let's get this straight: Trump has been baselessly claiming that Biden is 'not with it' for months now," she explained. "Now he's so in doubt about why Biden is so 'with it' that he's covering all his bases, I guess. He's saying if you think Biden seems normal, it's because it's drug-induced? This has no basis in fact. He's just making stuff up. But it's designed to make you wonder, to creep into your head and stick because that's how conspiracy theories take hold. He's planting a seed and his state-run news channel and its on-staff doctor is watering the hell out of it."

She showed a clip of Fox News Dr. Marc Siegel asking why Trump would be talking about drug tests before a debate. While many would assume it was because Trump was the one thinking about doing drugs to boost his energy after a series of lackluster or "sedated" appearances.

Keilor noted that Dr. Siegel is paid by Fox News not to deliver factual information to viewers, but to make things up on television.

He'll "weaponize his medical credentials against a presidential candidate," she said. It was only late in the interview that he confessed that he's never examined Biden and doesn't have any idea what "condition" Biden could have that would confirm his lies.

See the full takedown in the video below: