Former aide calls out Pence adviser for lying about her to protect Trump — and shows off his gift as evidence
Keith Kellogg and Olivia Troye (Photo: Screen capture)

At the White House press briefing Tuesday, Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg announced that a former aide to Mike Pence on the coronavirus task force was personally fired by him and escorted from the building.

"I'm not proud of Olivia," he said of Olivia Troye.

In a fact-check of Kellogg, Troye said that it was false, and that she wrote a resignation letter that has even been cited by the White House. No one walked her out of the building after she resigned.

Kellogg also sent her a special coin with his name on it to thank her for her service. It was something she posted to her personal social media on Aug. 15, talking about how much she loved him.

"This gift is not the action of someone who did what Kellogg claims he did," she said.

Troye came out against Trump in a "Republicans Against Trump" video and outlined the president's behavior she found concerning during the coronavirus pandemic. The White House responded with character assassination, saying Troye was a lackluster staffer and belittled her for not being able to do the job she'd had for nearly two decades under three presidents.