'How is that not a failure?': Trump health official called out by CNN's Tapper over COVID-19 debacle

Admiral Brett Giroir was put on the spot on Sunday morning by CNN host Jake Tapper over the failure of the White House to still take the coronavirus pandemic seriously, and then ended up receiving a dressing down from the "State of the Union" host.

Noting the lack of masks at recent Trump rallies and the growing death toll of COVID-19 victims, Tapper exclaimed, “How is this not a failure, and how is President Trump leading us out of it in the right way, according to your own words?”

Girior attempted to explain that  “people are empowered to know that they can slow the spread and change the course, they can save lives by doing the things we talk about, wearing a mask.”

“What about the rallies?” Tapper asked. “Dave Matthews isn’t touring this year because of the risk to his fans. But President Trump is doing these rallies. The people are not wearing masks. These are super-spreader events potentially.”

“So again, I just want to repeat what I said. Biology is independent of politics --” Giroir replied before being cut off by Tapper who snapped, "Don’t tell me, tell President Trump.”

At the end of the segment, the CNN host advised the health official to sit down and honestly explain to the president what is going on in the country under his leadership.

Watch below: