'Huffing asbestos': Seth Meyers suggests Donald Trump's ABC News town hall is proof of president's cognitive decline
Donald Trump ABC town hall (Photo: Screen capture)

Late Night host Seth Meyers on Wednesday suggested President Donald Trump was on 'Studio 54' drugs during his catastrophic performance on Tuesday's ABC news town hall.

"Trump and his supporters in right-wing media have also been desperate to make the presidential campaign a referendum on the candidates’ mental fitness. I’m sorry, you think Biden is taking drugs?” he asked. “You sniffle like you just walked out of the bathroom in Studio 54," Meyers said.

"So Trump wants you to think Joe Biden’s the one in cognitive decline and yet when Trump defended his lie that the coronavirus would just magically go away, he tried to claim that we would soon reach herd mentality."

Meyers also noted that he found it 'cathartic' to see Trump 'put in his place' by regular voters who consume media outside the 'right-wing media bubble.'

'Most of the time he surrounds himself with sycophants and yes men. So he’s rarely treated like the idiot blowhard he is.'

Watch the full segment below.