Mike Pence busted for ‘lying through his teeth’ about Trump’s COVID-19 response in damning supercut

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough busted Vice President Mike Pence for "lying through his teeth" about President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The vice president went on Fox News and Twitter to clean up the president's recorded confession to reporter Bob Woodward that he had purposefully downplayed the pandemic, and the "Morning Joe" host rolled supercut video of Trump's past statements that undercut each of Pence's unctuous praise.

"When I look at Mike Pence and I see him lying through his teeth, a man who, I mean from everything I've known, he's a man of great faith and he let us know that through his entire public life that he's a man of great faith, so who's to doubt that," Scarborough said. "I just wonder, though, when he's lying through his teeth for this president, I really do, I go what's Mike Pence going to do after this? Where does he go to get his reputation back? Because Donald Trump's been lying through his teeth about the coronavirus for well over a year."

Co-host Willie Geist had a more immediate concern about what Pence might have done after comparing Trump's leadership during the COVID-19 crisis to Winston Churchill's leadership during World War II.

"Those comparisons are gross, and I don't know how Mike Pence does it," Geist said. "I don't know, do you take a shower after a TV appearance like that? How do you look yourself in a mirror, look your family in the face, when one day after you know the president did not take it seriously, you come out and say he did. I don't know how, as a person, he does that."