Trump and Bill Barr ‘doing everything they can to create electoral chaos’: congressman
Bill Barr and Donald Trump (AFP)

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that it has become clear that President Donald Trump is doing everything he possibly can, legal or not, to create electoral chaos and Attorney General Bill Barr is helping him make it work.

In a Thursday Washington Post report, Phil Bump cited the Maryland official who sits on the Judiciary Committee, responding to Barr's interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer this week.

“I found it astonishing,” Raskin said, of Barr’s claims on voting by mail being akin to “playing with fire.”

“It is Attorney General Barr who is playing with fire," Raskin explained. "This is the hallmark of authoritarianism: To undermine an election and its processes and then to turn around and claim the election is fraudulent. Donald Trump and his sycophant, Bill Barr, are doing everything they can to create electoral chaos.”

Blitzer than challenged Barr on indictments and arrests that have been made related to voter fraud over the years. Barr couldn't even answer the question, because he didn't know.

“Like, a handful?” Blitzer asked.

“I can’t — I don’t know,” Barr said.

“Well, 'several' doesn't sound like too many,” Blitzer shot back.

“Well, I don’t know. I don’t know how many we have,” Barr said. “I know there are a number of investigations right now. Some very big ones in states."

Barr then lied about a case in which a Texas person was arrested for casting 1,700 mail-in-ballots. It never happened.

Read the full report from Bump at the Washington Post.