Trump calls on Biden to drop out over Hunter allegations his own Senate allies failed to prove
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters outside the White House (screengrab)

On Thursday, in a radio interview, President Donald Trump once again promoted unsubstantiated corruption allegations about Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine — and urged Joe Biden to "leave the campaign" because he "was in on it."

Trump's remarks come just after his allies in the Senate, led by Homeland Security chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI), released the results of a highly partisan investigation into the Hunter Biden allegations. That report claimed the business dealings were "problematic" but failed to find any evidence that they influenced U.S. foreign policy.

The president and his allies have been fixated on trying to link the Biden family to wrongdoing in Ukraine for over a year. A plot by Trump and Rudy Giuliani to dangle military aid in exchange for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce an investigation into the Bidens ultimately led to the president's impeachment.

Listen to Trump's comments below: