Trump labeled ‘elderly relative in cognitive decline’ after ‘delusional’ Fox News interview
Donald Trump at a rally, photo by Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump spent over an hour of his time talking with Fox News personality Laura Ingraham on Monday, despite America's ongoing coronavirus crisis and economic catastrophe.

Trump said some absurd things, like warning that the press corps is "all going to die" of boredom if Joe Biden wins in November. He also spoke about what women want and why Black voters like police.

Ingraham asked Trump who he thinks it is that are pulling Joe Biden's strings.

"People you've never heard of," Trump replied, without naming names for Ingraham to familiarize herself with.

"People that are in the dark shadows," Trump continued.

"What does that mean?" Ingraham asked. "That sounds like conspiracy theory, dark shadows."

"No, people that you haven't heard of," Trump replied. "They're people that are on the streets, they're people that are controlling the streets."

Trump then told an anecdote about somebody flying on a plane full of "thugs" who were wearing black uniforms.

But he refused to give any details.

Trump's comments were widely derided: