Trump melts down after Lincoln Project ad mocks his RNC TV ratings: 'We have FAR more people!'
President Donald Trump responds to a question about Jussie Smollett (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Wednesday threw a tantrum about a new Lincoln Project ad that mocked him for scoring lower television ratings for the Republican National Convention than Democratic rival Joe Biden.

The ad in question was released on Tuesday and it features a female narrator needling the president for getting "embarrassing" TV ratings for his RNC speech compared to the TV ratings scored by Biden one week earlier.

The ad also taunted Trump by pointing out that "even Fox News said you were low energy," and aired a clip of host Chris Wallace saying that Trump's speech "didn't seem to have the bite" of his more successful addresses.

Trump wasted little time in lashing out at the ad on Twitter.

"We had FAR more people (many millions) watching us at the RNC than did Sleepy Joe and the DNC, and yet an ad just ran saying the opposite. This is what we’re up against. Lies. But we will WIN!

Watch the Lincoln Project ad below.