Trump's debate strategy is trying to pretend he is a 'tough guy': report
Donald Trump speaking during the second presidential debate (Screenshot)

According to an Axios report, President Donald Trump's debate strategy is to try and play up that he's a tough guy compared to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump dodged the draft by claiming to have "bone spurs," refuses to release his taxes out of fear, acts like a puppy beside Vladimir Putin, exchanges love letters with Kim Jong Un and deploys name-calling as a diplomacy strategy. He's spent four years only being willing to stand up to those weaker than him.

"I'm sure the president will throw everything he can at (Biden). My guess is that they're preparing for that -- bombarding him with insults and weird digressions," said former Biden and Obama aide Jay Carney.

Meanwhile, Trump's team says he's been testing his attack lines at campaign rallies for weeks to see what his supporters respond to most. If his rally attendees are his sounding board, that could mean Trump will be looking to start chants of "lock him up" for President Obama and claim that COVID-19 is over and everything is going well.

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