Trump's healthcare order blasted as a 'bribe' to seniors and a 'joke' to the rest of America

President Donald Trump's healthcare plan was blasted Thursday for pushing things that are already in place, taking credit for past laws and making grand announcements that Trump will never be able to ensure actually happen. It took Trump five years to come up with this healthcare "plan."

To start, Trump began by making the same promise that President Barack Obama did - "If you like your doctor you can keep them." The regulation of which doctors are covered under healthcare plans aren't handled by the government as individual insurance companies make their own corporate decisions about which doctors are covered under their plans.

Trump also announced that under his plan there would be telehealth, something that has existed for years but that he said just became "big" during the pandemic.

He also declared that every patient would have access to their healthcare records, something that is already in place under HIPPA laws. With very few exceptions, HIPAA gives every American access to their records upon request.

Trump also announced that his executive order would officially make it the policy of the U.S. government to support coverage of pre-existing conditions. It's already a law unless Trump can get the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act. All an executive order would do is mandate it for government plans, not for the rest of the American people.

Trump also ranted that the GOP was now the "healthcare party" and that under the Democratic plan "you'd lose your doctor again."

See the responses to the new "plan" below: