Trump’s RNC gathering at the White House damaged the lawn — and now they have to replace the grass
Donald Trump at the RNC -- screenshot

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that officials are conducting maintenance on the White House lawn — because President Donald Trump's crowded RNC acceptance speech at the White House caused damage.

"President Trump’s reelection campaign is paying to replace sod on the White House South Lawn and in the Rose Garden after damage to the greenery late last month from large crowds and heavy equipment used for Republican National Convention festivities, White House and campaign officials said Tuesday," reported Ashley Parker and Philip Rucker. "Trump’s unprecedented decision to stage overtly political events on public property — which drew complaints that the Trumps were using 'the people’s house' for personal gain — continues to reverberate nearly two weeks later, as work crews re-sod the lawn and make other repairs."

In addition to complaints about the use of government property for a political campaign, Trump also came under criticism for failing to enforce social distancing guidelines at the acceptance speech, with images revealing guests crowded closely together.

The Rose Garden recently underwent a renovation overseen by First Lady Melania Trump, which drew controversy for replacing the previous design with a sparser, minimalist one.