'You're unbelievable!' Kayleigh McEnany ripped for complaining about Trump foe's appearance on MSNBC
Kayleigh McEnany appears on Fox News (screen grab)

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany complained that former FBI agent Peter Strzok fact-checked claims on MSNBC about Russia collusion.

The former FBI agent, who has been a target of ire for President Donald Trump, corrected host Andrea Mitchell's assertion that special counsel Robert Mueller had found no evidence of collusion in his nearly two-year investigation.

"They were unable to bring — to a legal standard — to bring criminal charges that something had occurred but they point throughout the report to a variety of deep counterintelligence concerns.  When you add that to the recent bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report, almost a thousand pages from a Republican Senate committee laying out all these concerns, the data is too great to ignore,” Strzok said. “So yes, I believe that the president is compromised by the Russians, and I think that takes a lot of forms. I think it comes through financial entanglements that he is fighting to become known, that the Russians know about and can hold over him. I also think it also comes from the way they can play to his ego, his strange fascination with dictators around the world.”

A short time later McEnany defended the president from Strzok's allegation.

.@MSNBC just had DISGRACED former FBI agent Peter Stzrok – who was FIRED from the Mueller team for his blatant anti-Trump bias – on air to discuss ... the sanctity and security of the upcoming election," McEnany tweeted. "Unbelievable!!!"

Her tweet then prompted a swift wave of blowback.