'Erratic, irrational, out of touch': CNN business reporter shocked that Trump shut down stimulus talks

A CNN business reporter on Wednesday expressed shock that President Donald Trump had unilaterally decided to cut off talks about economic relief for Americans struggling in an economy that's been ravaged by the novel coronavirus.

CNN chief business correspondent Christine Romans told host Alisyn Camerota that Trump's announcement that he would not negotiate any new relief measures until after the 2020 election was an inexplicable move politically.

"It is erratic, it is irrational, it is out of touch," she said. "This is a president who effectively canceled stimulus talks that were probably going to fail anyway and then said, I'll take the blame for all of the economic hardship that that will cause you."

Romans then pointed out that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that additional relief was absolutely necessary to sustain any economic recovery throughout the coming months.

"And the president said, no, we don't need it," she said. "The economy is doing great, the stock market is at record highs, we don't need any new stimulus now. We'll do it next year and will focus on the Supreme Court nomination. It completely defies any kind of political advantage the president would try to get here, just doesn't make any sense."

Watch the video below.