Even Trump doesn’t understand that ‘laptop from hell’ conspiracy theory he’s peddling: report

President Donald Trump has been pushing a conspiracy theory about Joe Biden and his son, but it's not even clear that he fully understands what they allegedly did wrong.

The president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has been peddling data allegedly obtained from Hunter Biden's laptop computer, but Trump and conservative media have been hard-pressed to spin their salacious claims into a damaging narrative, reported Politico.

“You know the laptop, you know what it’s called?" Trump asked supporters Sunday at a New Hampshire rally. "I said it last night in Wisconsin. It’s called the laptop from hell, right? That laptop, that laptop is not good.”

Trump has been unable to weave those vague insinuations into a storyline that could be used to damage Biden, and instead just blurts out random details about Hunter Biden without explaining what the former vice president and his son supposedly did.

The Wall Street Journal and Fox News each found no evidence that the former vice president benefited from his son's foreign business dealings, and even more explicitly pro-Trump media outlets haven't been able to come up with a narrative to push.

Trump's media allies have instead complained that the mainstream media and social media companies are conspiring to suppress the story that few of them have been able to coherently explain.

“Steve, I implore you, we are 15 days out from the election," Sebastian Gorka, a former White House official and conservative radio host, asked former Trump strategist Steve Bannon on his radio show. "When is the big shoe drop going to drop?”