GOP bracing for 'a string of defeats' as Dems crush them in ad spending: report
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

With one week to go in the 2020 presidential election, House Republicans are staring at the possibility that their numbers might get even smaller.

Politico reports that the GOP is "bracing for a string of defeats" next week after watching Democrats crush them in ad spending.

"In the most competitive 94 districts, Democrats have booked over $177 million in ads since Sept. 1, while their GOP opponents have booked $93 million," the publication reports.

GOP operative Ken Spain tells Politico that Democrats now have "one-sided" momentum in congressional races that will be tough for the Republicans to stop.

"At this point, it’s pretty clear there’s going to be losses," he said. "The question is just how many, and if Republicans can keep it in the mid-to-high single digits."

Congressional Leadership Fund, a pro-GOP super PAC, has tried to help Republicans make up the difference, but has so far been unable to come close to making the money race competitive.

"The ‘Green Wave’ for Democrat candidates is profound," CLF president Dan Conston told Politico. "Given the financial gap that it’s created on the candidate side, CLF has substantially expanded our role in races this cycle to be more encompassing and will our way to a more level playing field."